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Showcase // Molly Must

From 29/05/2019


This week in GlogauAir’s showcase we are presenting work ‘Novae Terrae’  by resident artist Molly Must.

Molly Must is an American painter with a long-standing interest in public history and a background in street art. Her current work is experimental, combining found-paper collage with paint. Posters from the streets of Kreuzberg form the base material of her current project.

In general, Must’s work explores questions about how territorial imagination frames human relationships with land, shaping legacies of power, resource extraction, inheritance and dispossession. She questions her own relationship to the land her family owns in the United States: How does “ownership” appertain to responsibility in an economic & legal system premised on settler colonialism, indigenous genocide, slavery, and the violent exclusion of hard borders?

In her current collage series Must references cartographic symbolism and figurative allegory in seeking a framework of motifs that reflect her musings and anxieties about inherited geographies of everyday imperialism.

Novae Terrae (latin), meaning New World, refers to the “discovery doctrine” used by European colonial powers as justification for the subjugation of foreign people and land.  This work aims to re-purpose the term as reference to a potential future of collective reckoning, increasing solidarity and transitional justice. To some extent, this piece is a nod to the rapidly-evolving and highly complex conversation about reparations in the US today. Mostly though, this work is a hokey expression of some feeling having to do with tenderness, generosity and humility; relief from estrangement,togetherness.

Following the event this particular piece will be installed on a public wall in Kreuzberg.

Molly Must will be presenting her work at GlogauAIR ´s Open Studios on June 21 and 22, 2019.

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