Meet the collective // brustudio

“The aim of our project is to explore the possibilities of the spatial context and transform it into a safe-participatory act. We want to develop an immersive moment in an exposed room, through playful design and inception of sensitive/sensorial experiences. The focus of our project is on identity, belonging, subjectivity – offering the possibility of unfolding, gaining a pocket of personal reality: a temporary setup.” brustudio

What’s your name and where you come from?

brustudio is formed by: Ane Crisan from Romania, Covadonga Cueto-Felgueroso Junquera and Sandra Palau Palacio from Spain.


How did your artist journey begin?

We started as an architecture studio and in the past year we discovered the joy of expressing our creative ideas through art. They are still very connected to the practicality of the architecture world but we focus more on topics such as belonging, feminism taking the shape of spatial art in urban structures. 


Do you find inspiration in real-life situations and moments you experienced? 

We find inspiration in the space between the people we meet, the buildings we pass and the thoughts we discuss together as a group. We respond to challenges in a bold and playful way, imagining new possibilities of living in a city like Berlin. 


What is your process? What are your overarching themes in your artwork?

We begin working on projects with the intent of combining social and economic solutions with playful design to overcome challenges of everyday life. We focus on expressing and developing bold concepts with identity and belonging.  

Our work transitions across scales and mediums. Through installations and cultural interventions, we experiment with space perception and new materials. Within the built environment, we aim to resolve controversies of the contemporary way of living.


Do you think your art has evolved being in a different environment E.g. Do you think GlogauAIR / being in Berlin has influenced your work?

GlogauAIR gives us an opportunity to connect with a new platform of artists, learn from their practice and, on the other hand, we challenge ourselves for the first time to present a project in a closed space-room.