Meet the Artist // Isolde Kille

My upbringing in Germany and my time spent in America have afforded me the possibility of parsing a nuanced presentation of media images in today’s society. In the United States, I have been collecting Data, Magazines, re-photographing images from media, creating detailed close-up shots in Photography and Film, documenting my daily environment. During the residency at GlogauAIR I intend to re-visit my old neighborhoods in Berlin and document the city in Photography and Video.

As an artist, I am interested to investigate how the image is influencing our existence while at the same time I hope to question our media image driven society. Flashes of information, sensations, details, playing with the known and un-known of images and memory in Time and Space. As an end result I imagine a multi layered installation with enlarged detailed photographs and projected video images, scenes… creating a virtual field that connects to an intuitive feeling rather the reading of context.

In my artistic practice during the residency, I hope to further explore the boundaries of ‘image making’, abstractions combined with fragments of reality as well as I often also experiment with reflections, mirror elements and illusions so that the viewer questions the so-called reality and experiences a Kaleidoscope of impressions. The reflective elements such as transparent layers of plastic or Glass as well as mirror like surfaces interact with the viewer’s perception, and the layers of Glass and mirror elements are also simulating our daily interaction with screens from i-phones, computers, etc, raising further questions about illusion and reality – an original and a copy – describing an awareness between the existing conditions and a fictional environment.

In the present age, almost all aspects of our surroundings and our lives are recorded every second. The obsession with collecting data has long gone beyond the limits of our planet. Yet we still need our eyes to evaluate the collected flood of data! It is precisely in this tensional field of trusting our own observations that I plan to create visual echoes and poetic narrations.