Meet the On-line Artist // Nuria González Alcaide

Through the medium of painting, Nuria González Alcaide (@nuriaalcaide_art) explores the profound questions surrounding the accumulation of our past thoughts and unspoken words.

The creative process unfolds in distinct stages, beginning with an exploration of colors linked to the artist’s surroundings, both in nature and in cities. Subsequently, the artist allows the work to rest before engaging in a conscious dialogue, delving into the study of color based on previous palettes. A perpetual quest to discover and master new colors propels this artistic evolution.

In the current phase, Nuria aspires to craft a body of work inspired by the daily hues of her surroundings. The goal is not only to refine her artistic methodology but also to translate the colors witnessed in everyday photos into a captivating artistic language. This journey is a deliberate effort to evolve, avoiding creative repetition and unlocking the untapped potential within each color.