Meet the on-line Artist // Ellen-Rose Wallace

Ellen-Rose Wallace (@ellenrosewallace) works with lens-based media, 3D animation, sculpture, and sound art, developing from an interest in oral tradition, her practice is concerned with how we conceptualise time, history, and narrative. In particular, the writings of Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson are central to her work.

Wallace is currently developing a body of work using traditional dry stone walling to investigate human interpretations of time in the context of the climate crisis. This work will be interested in the division of time into periods of history, mythology, and geology, and how certain narratives have influenced our interpretation of the past and future. This body of work incorporates sculpture, lens-based media, 3D animation, and sound. It explores the significance of the mythological “deluge” in a contemporary context where further great floods are imminent. In the mythology of various cultures, the creation of life begins in a vast ocean. The work approaches this pattern of the “flood myth” as a cycle from end to beginning. The narrative presented in the work takes place in a period ‘before’ a disaster.