Meet the Artist // Amy Evans

Amy Evans is a multidisciplinary artist and architect whose work focuses on topics relating to the city. She works in sculpture, painting, installation, architecture, and education.

Amy’s work examines the relationship between the social and urban fabric of cities. Her research looks at cataloguing, extracting, and distilling information about the city to better understand this relationship – exploring issues such as density, light, and fluctuating urban conditions.

Through her work as a teacher at various universities, Amy has developed an interest in the ways in which architectural concepts can be translated into art.


What is your name and where are you from?

Amy Evans, Australia.

When / how did your art practice begin …. Do you think where you’re from has affected your work?

My art practice has developed out of my architecture practice, and the two practices heavily influence each other. I began teaching architecture design studio’s at RMIT where I would get my students to design architecture by adopting art techniques. It was during this time that I begin testing the inverse, creating art with architectural techniques.

How has your practice changed over time?

My art practice up until this year has largely focused on looking at the city, creating drawings, paintings, and ceramic sculptures which investigate and reinterpret the shaping of cities. Recently, I have been drawn to large-scale site-specific installation work, testing concepts developed in these smaller works in a more spatial and technical way – while activating the interior spaces of buildings.

Do you think your art has evolved being a different environment E.g. Do you think GlogauAIR / being in Berlin has influenced your work?

Yes, being in a different environment and meeting new people has influenced my work over the past six months. It has given me the space and confidence to test large scale installation projects with more complexity, a direction I am keen to continue exploring and developing.

What are your next plans after your residency?

Next year I will continue working on a project I began this summer in an artist residency in Cal Rosal, Spain. I will spend the first three months of the year in Barcelona, developing an installation piece which will showcase in April 2023 in Barcelona.