Meet the Artist // Maria Kubysh

Maria Kubysh is a Canadian painter, video artist, and filmmaker currently based in Berlin, Germany. Born in Russia, Maria lived in Kazakhstan, Canada, and the USA. After a decade-long career in User Experience design and filmmaking, she had recently made painting her main expressive medium.

Because of her personal experience having lived in different parts of the world, Maria is very used be surrounded by different languages, as well as the struggle of not being able to communicate or communicating imprecisely. From there comes her interest in how we communicate.

During her residency in GlogauAIR, Maria did a research on symbols and alphabets and the communalities or differences when used as a way of transmitting meaning. Her work is full of possible responses when we ask ourselves what does it communicate? Could it communicate a totally different thing? Where is the canvas living and why is it living there?