.this song is about this ephemeral being
.which happens to be an air
.or we can also say:
.whizz, swish, whistle,
.hiss, fizz and buzz.

.it is also about piping,
.rattle, jingle, clink, tinkle,
.hum, chink and clang.

.while being also about going through something,
.free flow, circulation and transformation itself.

.as you pass, the puffs are welcoming you on the threshold
.and numerous sound creation opportunities are emerging
.under the pink tongue.
.feel free to play your song

.surrounded by the sounds of air
.we pass to the afterimages of steadiness and permanence.

lightweight fabrics
allowed us to work
with the wind

Singing Whistle

Video Performance


2022_land of yz_virtual open studioscopper material part of instalation

/copper pipe/

part of the installation

created during the residency





The element of air is

attributed to copper.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_copperraw

It has cleansing

and healing properties.

The metal cleans water,

crystals and air.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_copper710'

It can activate

and opes the base

but also sacral chakra;

advancing and stabilising

the energies of intuition,

sexuality, desire, and vitality.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studioscombucha work-LAB


part of





It needs an air supply to grow.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_skinkombucha

Kombucha - also known
as tea mushroom, tea
fungus, or Manchurian
It is a fermented, lightly
effervescent, sweetened
black tea
drink commonly
consumed for its
purported health benefits.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_skinkombucha2

It is produced by
fermenting sugared tea
using a symbiotic culture
of bacteria and yeast
(SCOBY) commonly
called a "mother" or

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_quartz

/quartz and crystals/

part of the installation

2022_land of yz_virtual open studiosIMG_2939

Crystals and quartz stones

have healing abilities as

they allow positive energy

to flow into the body

thus making the toxic

energy go away.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_saltonbraids

and its
part of
the showcase


Japanese people believe salt
is cleansing, and a preserver
of purity.
In the purification rituals of
misogi (a similar concept to
salt is used to remove all
spiritual dirt from the
Within Shinto purification
rituals, salt is one of three
offered to the Kamias an
instrument to ward off evil
And during childbirth a
mother will not only bathe
in salt water to purify
but will also scatter salt
around the room to purify

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_saltonglass

Leviticus 2:13
reads: "And
every offering
of your grain
offering you
shall season
with salt;
you shall not
allow the salt of
the covenant of
your God to be
lacking from
your grain

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_saltcrystal

Salt itself is
good luck.
People were
once advised to
carry some sea
salt in their
when, for
example, they
were going on a
new journey,
as it would
bring them
good luck.

2022_land of yz_virtual open studios_saltsea

Salt is a
preservative and is
incorruptible and

2022_virtual open studios_photo of land of YZ_featured