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Amna AlBaker is a multidisciplinary artist from Qatar. Her practice spans both digital and traditional media with a focus on photography and illustration.

AlBaker’s creative practice is rooted in speaking to the female experience. She is inspired by cinema and the works of visionaries such as Shirin Neshat, Agnes Varda and Maya Deren. What started as a research project to trace her lineage, and create a visual documentation for her grandmother’s story, branched out into a more personal examination. Her work attempts to look at the duality she finds in her experiences as an Arab woman, caught between the contradictions of her home yet still very much rooted within it. AlBaker sees that tension all around her, especially represented in the natural world. Her goal has been to explore them more closely in relation to her place in the collective history of her family and home.

For AlBaker, research is about looking deeply inwards to be able to look deeply outwards. It involves collecting visual clues from her environment.

AlBaker’s project speaks to an entire generation of women who have felt caught between an obligation to self and an obligation to the past. This project is in many ways a love letter to where she comes from, but perhaps also a way to better understand womanhood through the history of her home.