Berliner Landschaft



Videos 1 min. and 18 sec.

With this performance I recover an image that is very present in German art. The idea of the character isolated in front of a landscape, as in the works of Caspar David Friedrich. This connection was not present in my initial approach, but it was only after the realisation of this action that I became aware of the presence of this aspect in the work. During the action, a central perspective is created, and the figure of my body disappears into the landscape. I am assimilated into it until I disappear. In the end, the landscape is the only thing that is perceived.

"The crowd is his domain, as the air is that of the bird, as water is that of the fish. His passion and his profession is to adhere to the crowd. For the perfect fl neur, for the passionate observer, it is an immense joy to choose domicile in the crowd, in the undulating, in the movement, in the fugitive and the infinite. To be away from home, and yet to feel at home everywhere; to see the world, to be the center of the world, and to remain hidden from the world".

Merlin Coverley, Psychogeography

The performance and its subsequent video montage show two moments that come together: the past towards the present, on the one hand, and on the other, from the present towards the projection of myself into the future. My figure approaches from an infinite past to the darkness of the present, something that is at the same time an uncertain instant.