The project presented at GlogauAIR is part of an ongoing investigation into the subject of desire. Following this continuing line of development, the exhibition is comprised of a series of works that explore the notions of need and longing, and the complex emotional, philosophical, and conceptual positions surrounding these topics. In many ways, the works consider this theme from various perspectives, from the quietly personal to the ostensibly physically detached, allowing for an examination that encompasses or takes into account both our inner and outer environments. Buying flowers in the Berlin underground to bring “life” inside your home, simulating natural sunlight, or observing flocks of animals in the countryside through the use of a drone are some of the various actions that activate and inform the works included.

Taking into account a diversity of positions, the presence of both natural and technological elements act as a conductive thread throughout the exhibition.  The use of animals or plants is presented as a symbolic resource to address the most basic needs—emotions and instincts in it’s most essential state, with no other pretension other than survival. Technology, on the other hand, appears as a substitute tool that forces processes, creates rhythms and palliates impossibility. Animals, plants and technology are all elements that are part of us, but can appear as extreme otherness. This challenges us in terms of what we identify with most, and that which begins to define us. Nature and artifice lose strength as dual elements, but they create duality in our own position. This classically understood or intrinsic tension between these “worlds” provides a foundation or framework in which the viewer can reflect on their own perspectives of need and longing, and how we as cultures or individuals understand and rationalize that which brings about these feelings.

But in the end, and returning to the first impulse, this becomes an intimate reflection on life in the city, of strategies for solitude and the inherent melancholy connected to lack of light.

Room 1:
Selbstblühend. Light installation; sodium lamp, reflector and electronics. 100 x 100 x 70cm.
Room 2:
Insomnia. Serie of drawings. Mixed media on paper. 100 x 70 cm. / 50 x 70 cm.
Room 3:
The empty nest #1. Video installation. 5’55’’. (no sound)