Part 1: “Expression Session”


A space to allow the free flowing expression of ideas and just having a chit chat across the table.

A practice governed by respect, shared vulnerability, compassion and consent.

Do you mind if I sit here? Can I use that paintbrush? Can I take a photo?

Baby, that’s called harmony!

Part 2: “That’s Rubbish!”


Plastic and trash is everywhere. We know this.

Only a fool could deny!

Understandably, it is regarded as a shameful perversion on our natural world.

BUT, how can an issue present an opportunity?

Well, lets think.

It’s colourful.

It’s free.

It’s got texture, shape, form.

You can paint it, stick it, twist it, , bop it!

Why, make a puppet!

We can choose to play with it.

To repurpose, transform - it’s not going anywhere.

Might as well make something of it!

One person cannot do everything, but we can all do something.

A beautiful power that we can choose to embrace.


I Spy, You Spy

The merging of mediums:


Compiling found materials with a traditional fine art medium.

Here evokes the concept of accessibility and consumption.

Rubbish is an accessible resource, anyone can find and use it.

Oil paint is a technical, expensive and arguably inaccessible resource, found in select spaces.

The combination of the oil paint and rubbish is a way to reimagine both of their functions.

Who has access to what?


What does this mean?

How can we reimagine and repurpose art to encourage equity?