Shaun Murawski is a Photographer & Poet. His work is a meticulous, yet considered observation of presence and absence, a blend of photography and poetry to evoke stillness, melancholy, and shadow. His artistic research is an offering of the fragments of time we're allowed to keep. an invitation into a saturated yet quiet world, allowing introspection. 

Shaun is based in Glasgow, Scotland but much of his work is created in transit or when in unfamiliar surroundings, allowing moments of reflection to become more apparent and amplified. Accompanied by poignant poetry, it tugs at the curtain that shrouds the profound. In the depth of image and simplicity of verse, exploring the delicate balance between the seen and the intangible, creating space for the viewer to dwell in the beauty of the present and an echo of what is absent. 

His current project “Màthair'' is a distillation of this practice. An honest conversation about death, and what remains when the past belongs to you, and you alone. Honesty, tenderness alongside the experience of anger are offered and shared as a conversation on the things that we find in common.

Asking a simple but profound question: 

"If this is the weight of now, then how did we arrive here?"