Sallia (Sofiia Kozeniuk) is a contemporary Ukrainian artist who combines the possibilities of digital technology with fine arts outlines. She researches ways of communicating emotions and transitional feelings through sensitive portraits in digital painting. Her art reveals personality traits without limitations and navigates both suppressed and exposed aspects of psyque

Supported by her studies in psychology, Sallia emphasizes the significance of internal support based on introspective research between human relations. Her personal narrative of immigration, compounded by her experiences in militarized zones in 2014 and 2022, profoundly informs her artistic exploration of the emotional resilience and complexities inherent in critical circumstances.

Sallia's technique involves the intricate depiction of robust characters, integrated in harmony with semi-abstract elements. Her artworks predominantly feature women, delving into the complexities of female perspective associated with vulnerability, especially highlighted in times of war. This focus reflects the courage and strength required to acknowledge and bear the risks that come with expressing female sexuality, a bold statement on the enduring resilience amidst life's challenges.