This video is part of an experimental project started during my art residency in GlogauAIR.

During my work I explored through photography and video the question about identity and how we can preserve our personal integrity in a time where we are overwhelmed by an abuse of images and consumption.

I used some materials, such as cellophane, as a filter to overlay the images as a way to transmit this feeling of struggle to find a real connection and the contrast between what is visible and what is not.

The video is shot entirely in close-up. The narrow framing allows you to capture the details of the scene and the visual and emotional aspects.

The alternation between black and white and colours marks the transition from a more intimate to a more social dimension, like pictures that appear interspersed with flashes and stacked on the video, again signaling a time tied to memory to something still present but elusive.

Although there is no true narrative, the sound dictates the rhythm and the sensations that follow.

The whole process is inscribed in this material which contains told and related stories.