Sending Mixed Signals

Vernissage:     Fri 25.02. 4-10pm

Exhibition:     Sat 26.02. 12-10pm & Sun 27.02. 12-4pm

Entrance:     Free Entrance

Please note, in accordance with local ordinances, this is a 2G+ cultural event and participants will need to wear masks. 

The essence of communication design is the art of translation. Understanding and helping to understand the extraordinary as well as the banality. Receiving and sending signals. 

Nine graduates of the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin communicate in the frequency range of urbanization, feminism, consumption critique and culture of memory. Digital, analog and performative formats transcend the boundaries of visual communication. 

Despite increased digitality, contact limitations have made exchanging signals challenging. Our gaze has become more focused, our radar smaller. 

Curated free of individualized algorithms, the exhibition »Sending Mixed Signals« decentralizes our view. Works documenting the past and discussing the future are shown on 150 square meters.

Artworks by

Alina Albertine Warnecke

Angline Eckert

Johanna Raab

Jade Mauduit

Judith Weber

Julian O'Swald

Lea Donner

Lisa Berns

Nico Papayannis