Artist Talk with TAKT: Sol Jee Ahn & Michelle Hyland


We are very excited to collaborate with TAKT BERLIN to host a special Artist Talk at GlogauAIR on 24th May 2019.

Sol Jee Ahn (resident artist at GlogauAIR) and Michelle Hyland (resident artist at TAKT) will present the project they are working on and discuss about their works.

Sol Jee Ahn (South Korea, 1990)
Investigating what it is to be a subject or object from different social standards’ view, Sol Jee Ahn explores the notion of the term ‘being foreigner’ and ‘local’ as a tool to connect the question of autonomy of cultural selfhood and owning a body. Seeking various definitions of ‘foreignness’ while different cultures collide, the platform of which these phenomena are shown discretely is one’s body. To be exact, a body as a landscape of authenticity becoming foreign matter, and on the other side of that landscape, the survival of such authenticity against foreign invasions such as viruses or medical drugs.

Michelle Hyland
Exploring the transitory nature of structures around Perth, Michelle captures the phase of renewal where disruptions are hidden behind scaffolding as work is completed. Recent work has documented these fleeting memories of transitional events in the process of a city responding to growth.

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