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Open Studios
June 2018

22 - 23 June 2018
@ GlogauAIR

Open Studios
June 2018

*Resident Artists*

James Perley // Jessie Burrows&Angela Powell // Yang Shen // Anastasiya Gutnik//
Carla Cabanas // Yurika Sunada // Jules Michael // Bruna Mayer // Kyoko Fujiwara // JiEunChun

The culmination of our resident artists’ work is presented every three months during Open Studios. This is a two-day event that aims to celebrate creativity and energize the dialog around art, where the public will be able to step inside the studios to meet personally our artists and see their amazing brand-new projects!

During Open Studios June 2018, you will be able to be immersed in James Perley’s work on obsessions and phobias, to interact with Jessie Burrows and Angela Louise Powell’s architecture of persuasion and be taken on an artistic meditative journey about life possibilities by Yang Shen. While Anastasiya Gutnik explores the continuous life process of renewal and decay, Bruna Mayer attempts to create a visible form of human’s innermost primitive states and Jules Michael keeps on looking for answers about what painting is. Through photography, Carla Cabanas investigates the process of building an identity, at the same time as Yurika Sunada plays with the overlapping of light, shadows, sound and spaces to refer to impalpable concepts of Time and Memory. Moreover, testing the boundaries between visible and invisible spaces, Kyoko Fujiwara and JiEun Chun, create sculptures about places that one can intuit but cannot see.

Project Space Exhibition - MFA Studio Berlin

Anthony Kascak// Sarah Jarrett // Timothy Magenta // Emily Fussner // Sonimar Maldonado // Veronica Salas

In addition, the Project Space is hosting the MFA studio final exhibition, where students from the American University (Washington), will present the projects they have been developing in GlogauAIR since they arrived in Berlin.

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FRIDAY 22nd June - 19:00 - 23:00

21h // James Perley // Music Performance
Project Space // MFA Studio Berlin// Exhibition
1st&2nd Floor //Resident Artists //Exhibition

Saturday 23rd June - 17:00 - 21.00

Project Space // MFA Studio Berlin// Exhibition
1st&2nd Floor //Resident Artists //Exhibition

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Interview - Meet the Artist

Anastasiya Gutnik

Anastasiya´s art is based on the confluence of natural materials and found relics. Materiality is critical to her work and often the starting place for inspiration; newspaper clippings from letter exchanges with her grandmother, cheesecloth reminiscent of the curdling milk hanging from her mother’s bathroom sinks, snips of hair from poorly planned haircutting experiments. These become the foundation for intimately curated microcosms.

Working within drawing, painting, and sculpture she choose what medium feels most appropriate for any given project, often times combining multiple. She rarely set out with a concrete plan, and she is interested in the places in her art that evolve through the process of working; where elements crack, drip, ooze, expose. The sense of interior and exterior is often present, both in the physical sense of elements that can be explored and illustrations of interiors such as the underlying biomechanics in living beings.

Open Call


International Video Art Award

LOOP Discover Award opens the registration period from May 23rd to July 2nd. This year, we establish aliances between ecology and video art so we can rethink from the artistic practice the new ecological challenges. The finalist videos will be screened both in Barcelona (at Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm) and in Berlin (at GlogauAIR).


The LOOP Discover Award has been created with the aim to support and recognize the recent production of videos and films by international artists through a free open call to the artistic community.

This LOOP Barcelona initiative is supported by Estrella Damm, who sponsors this prize, in line with its longtime support to the cultural sector. The exhibition featuring the finalist projects, included in the program of LOOP Barcelona every year, will be shown at the former Estrella Damm beer factory (Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm), giving the audience the opportunity to enjoy the works in an exhibition format as well as at GlogauAIR.

All the submitted works will undergo three selection stages conducted by expert members of the arts sector who will evaluate the works according to their relevance to the proposed theme, their artistic quality, the novelty of their approach and the artist’s career.

An international jury made up of acclaimed professionals in the contemporary art sector will single out 10 finalists, among whom will be the winner of the prize, worth €5,000. The awarded work will furthermore be considered to be included in the LOOP Collection, currently on loan to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).
With the aim of fostering a space for the promotion of video art works, the LOOP Discover Award has also created an online video channel, in which selected works from the second stage of the competition will be available for viewing and voting. The most voted video will be part of the final exhibition along with the other 10 finalists, and included in other possible screenings.
All the finalist works might be considered for future projects by LOOP, such as screenings in international fairs and festivals, itinerant exhibitions and other curated proposals. Furthermore, they will be promoted and given visibility through the LOOP network.

Registration: from May 23rd to July 2nd (23:59, GMT+1).

A completed application form will have to include the following:
- the applicant’s personal details
- the applicant’s CV and personal statement
- information about the submitted work
- definition and justification of the topic
- a preview link (preferably Vimeo or YouTube).

Open Call

Next Residency Application Deadline - 16th June -

Deadline for residencies beginning in October 2018 until March 2019

Join us in Berlin!!

Find out more about our AIR Program

Apply here!


GlogauAIR Artists in Residence Program:


May 16th, 2018
Deadline for the residencies beginning in October 2018 and March 2019.



Open Call

Call for Curatorial Proposals

Exhibit in GlogauAIR’s project space!

Last year’s open call was a true success and two wonderful projects were selected!
In 2018 we want to continue to get creativity flowing! We want to promote artistic dialog and artistic production. We want to support your vision, to help your projects taking off.
GlogauAIR was founded in 2006 by the artist Chema Alvargonzález (1960 Cádiz, Spain – 2009 Berlin, Germany) with the aim of being a non-profit space dedicated to openness, experimentation and dialogue. Focused on innovation and deeply committed to artistic quality, we are currently running an all-year long artists-in-residence and a project space where various artistic events take place.
This time, let one of these events be that exhibition you have been cooking in your mind!

What we offer you for free
- Project Space (150 sqm.)
- Technical support
- Promotion (Website, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Flyers and Poster)
- Featuring in Open Studios catalog
- Catering

Exhibition Dates // December 14th to 15th (This exhibition will be the guest exhibition at the Open Studios December 2018 event)
Deadline for Proposal Submissions // June 1st, 2018
The selected project will be announced on // July 2nd, 2018

- All sorts of artistic disciplines are accepted
- The curatorial project must include at least a minimum of three artists
- The current call is open to individual curators as well as to curatorial teams/organizations/collectives
- Curators and artist need to be Berlin-based

Required documentation
- Title + Exhibition concept (max. 300 words in English)
- Statement + link to artist’ webpage or portfolio
- List of selected works + Pictures or weblinks
- Technical requirements
- CV of the curator(s)/collective/organization

The information listed above must be sent to in only one single document (pdf, rar or zip) that should not exceed 20 MB.

The enclosed document should be named as follows:


Example: coolwaves_march2017.pdf

In case you have any questions or in case you are having trouble with the submission, do not hesitate in contacting us.


Interview - Meet the Artist

Marcia Vaitsman

The last 3 years Marcia has been writing and researching images of displacement, which resulted in a PhD thesis and several studio projects. Her interest lies in vast empty spaces, slow paces and reduced color pallets. Thematically her practice is rooted in displacement, migration, miscegenation and how the body-mind copes with disorientation.

The interest in science, researching digital media and the observation of mass and social media are a part of the search for a “map” or method, as she tries to understand how people form their collectives and identities. These concepts and processes converge into single channel videos, installations and photographs.


Photo: Helena working
File from Helena productions

Artist Talk


Informal practices in the public space
Kap Hoorn with Oscar Ardila

@ GlogauAIR
The Tertulias are held in Spanish
Please confirm your attendance on the facebook event

Facebook event

Presented by: Oscar Ardila

A review of how fine arts have recently been able to shape and consolidate informal spaces of participation in urban and rural settings in Colombia. These spaces have acknowledged the urgency of implementing devices to promote democratic participation; setting up a frame for minimum standards of citizen behaviour or the strengthening of representative platforms for collectivities framed in a time of post-conflict.

Oscar Ardila Luna:
(Bucaramanga - Colombia, 1977)

Artist and art historian who’s work revolves around the contemporary artistic representations of memory in public spaces. His research include citizen and artistic initiatives that take place in Colombia and Germany. Among his publications, “La Imposibilidad de la Naturaleza: Arte y naturaleza en el arte colombiano contemporáneo 1991 - 2003" y “Campos de Memoria: Intervenciones artísticas en el espacio público en Colombia 2000 - 2011” can be highlighted.
Recently, he was awarded the Investigation in Visual Arts Grant from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Colombia to work in relation to the Performance Festival in Cali. He studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia where he later was awarded a master’s a degree in “The Theory of History and Art, Architecture and the City”. He also holds a master’s degree in Art in Context from the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. Currently, he is part of the artistic project Citizen Art Days. He resides in Berlin.


The Self Manipulated

Furst, Ori and Alberto Yusta

11.05.2018 - 13.05.2018
Opening 19:00 Friday 11th May 2018
@ @Glogauair

In this exhibition we are presenting two new collaborative audiovisual works. The installation ‘A Liquid Being’ is based on the metaphor of the self as a vessel for containing liquid. A principle attribute of liquid is that it modifies its shape to adapt to the form of the container, in this instance a self whose form is modified by its own system of self containment. ‘The Ship of Fools’, a three projector work, takes its title from Plato’s political and psychological metaphor of the state or self, as a sea vessel captained by a competing mob of fools.

With the aid of an artist's development grant our intention was to develop a prototype audio visual installation that was agile and easy to adapt to occupy large irregular spaces or to be contracted to function as a smaller stand-alone piece amongst other works, in other words not constrained by the typical restrictions of projection on a wall or screen. Part of our work has been the search for an interesting adaptable surface to project onto and working on the visual techniques that take advantage of this surface medium. Another objective was the development of a fluid creative process between the visual (Furst and Ori) and the audio and technical elements with the composer (Alberto Yusta). On the whole our preference is to keep visual effects ‘in-camera’ as opposed to digital post production, but an integral part of our working process with Yusta has been the introduction of some digital programming to sensitise the visuals to the audio during the edit.

Furst and Ori are the British and Italian visual artists Sergei Furst and Francesca Ori. Their primary mediums are painting and sculpture but in their recent exhibitions in England they have introduced audiovisual elements. They are currently working on a series of exhibitions to take place in Granada, Seville and Malaga in Spain. Alberto Yusta is an electronic music composer based in Berlin.

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