open studios 2015 09

25 - 26 September 2015 @ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Project Space Exhibition

OPEN STUDIOS - GlogauAIR Resident Artists

Nisha Bhakoo // Karine Bonneval // Guglielmo Castelli // An GyungSu //
Nobushige Kono // Viktoria Ikonen // Labuenaylamala // Jignesh Panchal //
Luz Peuscovich // Park Neung Saeng // Pei-Shih Tu // Xingyu Chen

IMAGINARY REEFS - Project Space Exhibition

The metaphor alone furnishes an escape; between the real things,
it lets emerge imaginary reefs, a crop of floating islands.

     Jose Ortega y Gasset

Curated by Ana Sanfrutos and Lorena Juan
Image Design: Judy Landkammer
Art Production Assistant: Maria Fernanda Santos

Yotaro Niwa & Rebecca Salvadori // Angela Kaisers // Anaïs Senli //
Rubén González Escudero // A. Liparoto // Cristina Moreno //
Alan Gleeson // Phntm Beach // Lucy K Shaw // Shelley Etki

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Friday 25 / 19:00 - 24:00

20:00 // Shelley Etkin // Strip Trees
21:30 // Alan Gleeson // From dark comes light - Live version

Saturday 26 / 15:00 - 20:00

16:00 // Artists’ Talk & Studio Visits
18:00 // Lucy K Shaw // Reading Performance
19:00 // Shelley Etkin // Strip Trees


In collaboration with

migrant birds la mire premio combat la escocesa

Supported by freixenet

September 2015 at GlogauAIR's showcase


Showcase Project

Current showcase project

SHOWCASE is an ongoing project that takes place in a showcase in the garden wall, which is bonding GlogauAIR with the neighboring Else-Ury Family Library.
GlogauAIR resident artists are invited to develop site-specific works for this public space.

More Showcase Projects

Maybe we are the waves

Maybe we are the waves

Case Sparse | Tra l’Etere e la Terra

04 September 2015
18:00 - 22:00 @ GlogauAIR

Monica Carrera // Francesca Damiano // Youki Hirakawa // Stefano Serretta
with a video documentation by Fatima Bianchi
Curated by Saul Marcadent

Four visual authors, four environmental works, fifteen days of residency, the river.

Maybe we are the waves is a group exhibition that is both evidence and amplification of the 3rd edition of Case Sparse | Tra l’Etere e la Terra, an artistic residency born in 2012 in the village of Malonno in Valle Camonica, Italy.

Monica Carrera, Francesca Damiano, Youki Hirakawa and Stefano Serretta, during the period of perma- nence in Malonno in July 2015, have produced four permanent site-specific artworks - Fa ruggine, Fermofiu- me, A tree and two stumps - Chestnut, Underground - along the Oglio river. Each installation is the result of a deep observation of nature and culture of the place. In occasion of the exhibition at GlogauAIR, by invitation of the curator Saul Marcadent, the artists conceived four new artworks on paper closely related to the works in Malonno.

The core of the exhibition is a precious publication printed in a single copy that includes a collection of ima- ges and four long conversations between the artists and the curator developed during the fifteen days of resi- dency. Each conversation is an intimate tool to discover researches, practices, desires and visions of the four artists. After the show in Berlin the publication will be presented and shown for short periods in bookshops and art spaces around Europe.

Close to the four artworks and publication the exhibition includes the video portraits of Monica Carrera, Francesca Damiano, Youki Hirakawa and Stefano Serretta by Fatima Bianchi, filmmaker and visual artist, and a video documentation of the workshop made by the collective of musicians and sound artists Tilde (Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta, Nicola Ratti) during the 3rd edition of Case Sparse | Tra l’Etere e la Terra.

Intimate and passionate, Monica Carrera’s work operates on a private and public double track, through installations, videos and performing arts. Fa ruggine considers the subject of migration, starting from the late1800s, from Valle Camonica to faraway lands, geographically and mentally. The artist imagines a dream by a tree enclosed in a boat and waiting to leave, and anchored to the ground. The collage produced for the exhibition is a kind of extention of the site-specific work. Starting from some images of emigrants from Malonno, she cuts and isolated the characters from the place where the picture was taken and she replaced them, painting exotic backdrops.

The artistic research of Francesca Damiano, often connected to natural themes, especially human nature, translates into installations made with simple material and marked by a narrative dimension. Fermofiume is a long table in larch wood, faithfully reproducing the shape of the river Oglio, blocking its flow. Placed in the shade of trees, it’s an invitation to take a break. The installation produced for Maybe we are the waves consists of three parts - a graphite frottage, a stop-motion video and a photograph - and reveals an ongoing process of the work installed in Malonno. At the same time it is a device that involves the observer and the audience.

Youki Hirakawa’s work takes place in the intersections of different media such as installation, film and photography. Some of his research and artistic production investigate the boundary between visible and invisible and the intimate connection between humans and nature. His works give life to universes without precise time coordinates, where it is nearly impossible to place any event. In A tree and two stumps - Chestnut two parts of the same chestnut tree are buried a few centimetres apart. One is the continuation of the other as can be understood by observing the bases, their configuration and the rings in the wood. A stump, ideally, continues to live underground, taking root, while the other grows and develops through the branches. The small collage of lithographs produced for the exhibition is open to many interpretations and readings as all the works of the artist.

Stefano Serretta’s work is often a reinterpretation of portions of history and places through various formats - installation, video, writing, action. Underground is a work that investigates the relationship between surface and underground through a portal directed, metaphorically speaking, underground. During his first visit in Malonno the artist met a geologist, an expert of the area, and was informed about the hydroelectric network that manages the river flow, modifying its rate and utilising the water for energy production. At the same time he examined the question of aquifer pollution, caused by years of illegal disposal of dangerous waste. The three photos shown in Maybe we are the waves are part of the research and exploration conducted by the artist during the residency.

Press release

Artist Talk

Artist Talk & Poetry Reading

22 August 2015
19:00 - 22:00 @ GlogauAIR

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We are glad to invite you to our next artist talk followed by a poetry reading at GlogauAIR on Saturday, August 22, at 19:00 – 22:00.
In this occasion the artist talk will be given by Copenhagen-based artist, Jack Wake-Walker, and our resident artist, Nisha Bhakoo, from UK.

Artist Talk 2015 08 22 Artist Talk 2015 08 22 Artist Talk 2015 08 22
Artist Talk 2015 08 22 Artist Talk 2015 08 22 Artist Talk 2015 08 22

JACK WAKE-WALKER has been producing documentaries and art films for around seven years. His feature-length documentary The Man Who Prints Houses has been shown at a number of international festivals, as well as being broadcast on Italian television. His short poetry film Ten Thousand Things was shown at the Body Electric Festival in Colorado, and Cyclop festival in Kiev. He has frequently collaborated with poets Isobel Dixon, Simon Barraclough and Chris McCabe, and musician Oli Barrett on projects such as Shad Thames, Broken Wharf at the London Word Festival, Doppelgänger at King’s Place, and The Debris Field, a live 45-minute poetry/film experience first shown at the BFI. In 2014, Jack’s poetry film Photon– part of a new collaboration entitled Sunspots – was nominated for best film at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin.

NISHA BHAKOO is a UK writer/artist. She received a MA in Critical and Creative Writing at Sussex University in 2011. Since then she has toured internationally as a poet, and has been published in many literary journals including Morphrog, Poems in Which; and Ink, Sweat & Tears. She was selected for B3 Media’s Talent Lab in 2014, and was shortlisted for Cambridge University’s Jane Martin Poetry Award in 2015. She is currently an artist in residence at GlogauAIR.

For the poetry reading we will have three guest poets that will share their work with us:

CATHERINE HALES was born in Surrey, England and now lives in Berlin, where she works as a freelance translator. She studied Comparative Literature at the University of East Anglia. Her poetry and translations have been published in many print and online magazines. Her books include Hazard or fall (Shearsman Books 2010), A bestiary of so[nne][r]ts (Oystercatcher Press 2010) and Feasible stratagems (Veer Books 2013), and as translator, Berlin Fresco - Selected Poems of Norbert Hummelt (Shearsman 2010). She is also included in the Shearsman anthologies Infinite Difference (2010), edited by Carrie Etter and Sea Pie (2012), edited by Peter Hughes. Recordings of her reading are available in the Archive of the Now. Her poems have been translated into German and Czech. She was co-ordinator of the Berlin Poetry Hearings festival.

CLARE SAPONIA is a Berlin-based writer and linguist; author of The Oranges of Revolution (Smokestack Books, 2015) and Copyrighting War and other Business Sins (Olympia Publishers, 2011). Her work has featured in three anthologies: Kakania – an Anthology (Austrian Cultural Forum, 2015), The Robin Hood Book – Verse Versus Austerity (Caparison, 2012) and Emergency Verse – Poetry in Defence of the Welfare State (Caparison, 2011), as well as a wide range of literary magazines. She has performed her work at many events and venues, including The Poetry Society, Housmans Radical Booksellers, Borders Books, The Whitechapel Gallery, Keats House, Unity 101 Radio and Lit Media Reviews Online Radio.

SANNA KARTAU is a 21-year-old Estonian whose life revolves around selling counterfeit batteries, finding fresh-sounding love or sex metaphors and actively keeping horrible puns out of her writing. With fervour she participates in every open mic there is and hopes for someone in the audience to be touched by her poetry. She studies sociology and teaches debate and public speaking to high schoolers.

Photo Berlin

Photo-Berlin Summer 2015
5 workshops in 5 days with 5 amazing women

17 – 21 August 2015 @ GlogauAIR

5 days of photography:
4 days shooting + 1 day editing.

Photo-Berlin invites internationally renowned photo­reporters and professionals working in the photography field to hold workshops in Berlin. The aim is to provide a valuable know ­how and a guided fieldwork experience, leading participants to produce their own photo­stories, documenting contemporary cultural issues related to the city of Berlin.

Why a women’s edition?
While organizing the VII Masterclass in Milan, a 7 months education program created in collaboration with Stefano de Luigi/VII Agency, Linda Ferrari and Chiara Luxardo realized that the vast majority of the Masterclass participants were women.
Most of them expressed their desire to have women references in order to undertake or continue their photography career; this is how the idea of creating an edition held by women professionals came into place. Here is a press release

Photo Berlin Photo Berlin Photo Berlin

17th – 21st August 2015
5 days workshop: 4 days shooting + 1 day photo editing.
Students will develop a story about an assigned theme through a day ­by ­day guidance in the selection process.

Who are the teachers?
4 photographers and 1 photo-editor
Laura Boushnak Kuwaiti-born Palestinian photographer
Alisa Resnik Russian artist
Mila Teshaieva Ukrainian documentary photographer
Laura Pannack British photographer
Barbara Stauss Swiss photo-editor

The language used is English. An Italian version is possible for Alisa Resnik’s workshop. A German version is available for Barbara Stauss’ workshop.

The tuition fee for the 4 days workshops is € 390 each (VAT 21% excluded)
The tuition fee for the Editing workshop is € 120 (VAT 21% excluded)
The tuition fee for two WKS will be €740 instead of €780 (5% discount)
The tuition fee for two WKS + Editing WKS will be 837 instead of €900 (7% discount)

To submit your participation to a workshop, please fill in the registration form,
include a portfolio of 12 images plus a few lines of biography
and send everything to
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Themes of the 5 photo workshops:
Stories about muslim communities in Berlin with Laura Boushnak
The Russian side of Berlin with Mila Teshaieva
Portraits of the new Berliners with Laura Pannack
Portraying Berlin’s nights with Alisa Resnik
Editing photographic narratives with Barbara Stauss

More info in

Kuldeep Gohel



by Kuldeep Gohel

24 July 2015
15:00 - 21:00 @ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR presents DISABLED, by Kuldeep Gohel. The performance art is a part of his graduation thesis done with Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Detmold.
It proposes an unconventional approach and has elements inspired from minimalism and body art.
The performance questions the society about the use of technology, its concequences and the unseen day to day struggle of our mind. The performance art, is the result of the over-powering technology.

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Kuldeep Gohel Kuldeep Gohel
Kuldeep Gohel Kuldeep Gohel Kuldeep Gohel

I Porn
Photo Francesca Woodman

by Slavina // Pornoattivista precaria
in collaboration with Maia Marinelli

18 June 2015
11:00 - 19:00 @ GlogauAIR

In a landscape were the male gaze dominates the media, especially in pornography, the purpose of this explorational workshop is to set up a space where the participant can explore their bodies and sexuality creating through photography images that represents its Beauty in a personal way escaping the oppressing format standardized beauty and sexuality promoted by the patriarchal society.

The purpose of this workshop is to set up a space where the participants can explore their bodies and sexualities in a collective and creative way.

In the first part, we will discuss sex and its representation in art and history. The second part, will be set up as a photographic session. During this part, we will work collaboratively in order to create photographic images that embodies our fantasies about our desiderable and "desiring" self.

Our main goal is to develop our awareness as carnal identities, rediscovering the power of erotica beyond the unrealistic fictional rendering of the mainstream imaginary.

About the instructor:
Slavina is an Italian porn activist and a multimedia artist living in Spain. In her videos, books, performances and workshops held all over Europen she addresses in body politics, new sexual imagery, and the deconstruction of gender stereotypes.

twitter santa_slavina

About the workshop:
18 June 2015
11:00 - 19:00 @ GlogauAIR

Registration fees:
To allow acces to the workshop we set our minimum part expiation fee at 20 euro. However beyond the minim part expiation fee of 20 euro we reframe to your kind donations to continue making this worship happening, support the space that host it and make it afford eve for the people that needs it the most.
Min. - Max. participants: 10 - 20


Case Sparse



06.07 to 19.07.2015 at GlogauAIR's showcase

A window on the Case Sparse Residence at GlogauAIR

Case Sparse - Tra l’Etere e la Terra is a project asking the artists in their residence to face with the Malonno Region (Brescia, Italy), by producing site-specific artworks all along selected public paths; within three years this artworks will be part of the main core of an art-nature park.

The artists are asked to send periodically by web the evidence of their creative process to a urban art space. Here, every day but in random times, a window (a video Skype Call) will be opened on GlogauAIR's showcase where all the process will be shown.

Monica Carrera | Francesca Damiano | Youki Hirakawa | Stefano Serretta | Tilde (Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta e Nicola Ratti)

a project by Monica Carrera and Francesca Damiano

in the context of Lalveare Residenza

video by Fatima Bianchi | curator-in-residency Saul Marcadent

A window on the Residence is opened at GlogauAIR (Berlin) and O’ (Milan)

More info here

Case Sparse


Master Degree Summer Course of the American University

1.6.2015 - 15.7.2015 @ GlogauAIR

GlogauAIR, in partnership with the studio art department of American University hosts the MFA Studio Berlin, an interdisciplinary, MFA-level summer program designed to provide an integrated and residency-like experience for graduate course credit. The 6-week program provides:

- Studio and meeting space in the Project Space at GlogauAIR

- Housing in shared furnished apartments in a central Berlin neighborhood

- A visiting-artist and studio-visit program focused on the experiences of working artists and active artist organizations in Berlin

Program in

More about in MFA Studio Berlin Brings Grad Students to Germany

UA glogauair



DOUBLES is a bimonthly experiment in which current residents of the Institut für Alles Mögliche are getting paired off with residents from GlogauAIR. Starting out with a first get-together-brunch in Kreuzberg all artists are welcome to get to know each other and partner up in teams of two artists per team. After working independently over the course of one month, exchanging ideas and working out a collective presentation the two teams get to share the last weekend of the month at the Abteilung für Alles Andere in Berlin-Mitte for a two-day-showcase

Doubles #1

Doubles #2

Doubles #4

Doubles #5

IAM glogauair


Every monday at GlogauAIR, 7-9 pm

Drawing Sessions

3€ regular visitors
5€ eventual visitors

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GlogauAIR Artists in Residence Program:


October 25th, 2015

Deadline for the residency starting in April 2016.

Application Info & Guidelines

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