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Hello, I’m Xinyi Zhang and welcome to my [Virtual] Open Studios at GlogauAIR!

I am a multidisciplinary artist working across traditional mediums, new media, and digital technologies. My studio is a place for exploration, incubation and reflection. Here, I find the convergence of my inner and outer worlds, uncovering points of connection between my lived experience and aspects of spirituality, nature, and larger collective narratives through my artistic practice. 

During Open Studios, I invite you to join me on Instagram Live (@artofxinyi), where I will be presenting my digital piece, the Healing Garden, along with new paintings from my studio here in Hawaii: 


September 15th - 8pm CET/8am HST

September 19th - 8pm CET/8am HST

September 26th - 8pm CET/8am HST

September 29th - 4pm HST/4am CET


During the Live, you can join me in the virtual Garden using the link below:

Bring your questions and musings, and let’s enjoy a walk in the Healing Garden together :)



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The “Healing Garden'' is a virtual and metaphysical sacred space, fostering personal healing and transformation through visual symbols. Participants interact with the project through a meditative journey, in which they encode their desire for positive transformation into a personal symbol - a “Healing Garden Object”. These are then channeled visually by myself with the aid of generative AI, crafted in 3D, and placed into the virtual Garden where the positive energies are reflected visually for all to see. 

The “Healing Garden'' is a multi-layered and multi-dimensional project, spanning the boundaries of the physical, metaphysical, and virtual spaces. What is the nature of creative imagination? How does consciousness interact with the physical world? In what ways can we use AI to shape protopia futures? I believe there is immense potential for activated digital sacred spaces to foster greater connection to ourselves, to each other, and to nature. 



2023_Xinyi Zhang_virtual_September_Paintings

My paintings and drawings are direct reflections of my subconscious, my perceptions, and my fascinations. There is a desire to uncover all that which is hidden from me - aspects of myself or my environment I am not aware of. When I am working and surrendering to my perceptive senses and intuition, I come in touch with the subtle realms of my  inner/outer worlds, and find the answers I am seeking. These answers often come in the form of metaphorical symbols of nature. During my residency, the element of water has emerged strongly in my paintings, its various forms mirroring facets of my emotional landscape.  




I’ll end it here with some shots of my beautiful studio here on Oahu. The land, culture, and spiritual wisdom of the Hawaiian Islands has been an immense source of inspiration and guidance for my art practice.

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Thank you for visiting my open studios page, and I look forward to seeing you on Instagram Live!