This project explores the transformative power of embroidery by translating verbal messages into visual representations. By utilizing the art of needlework, this art piece seeks to bridge the gap between spoken words and visual imagery; the intricate stitches, intentional colors, and thoughtful design choices serve as visual cues, capturing the essence and emotion behind the messages conveyed in my dream journal.

Tiflah Al-Naimi is a Qatari visual artist with a multidisciplinary approach. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a major in Painting and Printmaking and a minor in Art History, from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

Central to Tiflah’s artistic practice is a reliance on symbolism and portraiture, through which she explores the complex and multifaceted aspects of the female experience, both physical and metaphysical. Her oeuvre is characterized by a powerful conveyance of the hidden depths of the feminine psyche, revealing stories and messages from the spiritual realm that speak to the resilience and strength of women everywhere.

This current project at GlogauAIR serves as a visual representation of Tiflah’s dream journal, documenting her daily exploration of the intriguing messages she receives from both the complexities of reality and her subconscious mind. Through paintings, illustrations, and embroidery, she delves into visual storytelling, exploring the interplay between matters of the heart and the harshness of logic. Creating powerful and resonant messages, striking a harmonious balance between introspection and exploration, while continuously attempting to decode and unravel the profound messages conveyed to her from the spiritual realm.