My research started with its present neoliberal and technopolitical context. More precisely, as capitalism mutated into neoliberalism, biopowers were replaced by psychopowers. The proletariat bodies are no longer controlled or watched as before. Now the institutions use and manage individuals' emotional processes and consciousness, as they provide the majority of the current economic production. In this competitive context where humans are isolated and hyper responsibilized, depression and anxiety become endemic disorders.

For the last couple of years, I researched the possibility of generating knowledge and experiences of transcendental euphoria close to those experienced at raves with the idealistic intention of thwarting the effects of psychopowers. I seek to counter the lack of sensations caused by this context with bodily, auditory and visual stimuli.

In the context of the online residency with GlogauAIR, I took the time to try different things I never had time to explore. Quickly, I developed kinships with different techniques and materials to understand them more. I was curious to find out how they can relate to each other.

At the same time, i invested my time in soldering a dirty video mixer, learning how to create virtual environments, creating stereograms, transforming photographic film with LSD, documenting the coloured lights of electronic music festivals, re-imagining the past and generating speculative images of the future with an A.I.

My ADD governs my thought processes, behaviour, and methodological approach. i tend to investigate a multitude of ideas, materials, techniques and concepts at once and scour what new emerges from that operation. This natural way of thinking and doing evolved and secured itself within me when i started to observe my practice from a critical glaze; i found a valuable ideological and theoretical weight to this method.

For example, with this project, i chose these different technologies - embedded in various times and spaces - with a utopian intent and the hope to manifest a new reality. New possibilities and new modes of becoming are invented and explored by conceptually merging the past, the present and the future and simultaneously integrating their materials, techniques and aesthetics.

How would this distinct approach to space, time and matter impact the process of making the social?