Carlos Asensio is a Spanish painter based in Castellón who is interested in mixed media to explore all the expressive possibilities offered by mixing paint with digital image transfer techniques. 

His work arises from a need to talk about the necessity to review the values on which human morality is based today. For this reason, he focuses his study on the most recent crises, including elements that speak about the resulting acts produced by humanity and the consequences on the environment.

This body of work is a continuation of the series “Glitch Houses” in which the intention is to generate a link between that anomaly that appears in the image with the malfunctioning of the system that poorly manages some aspect of society.

In this case he examines the degradation of nature over the last seventy years. For this he uses the diptych format that presents, on the one hand, two original photographs from the fifties, taken by his relatives and which are part of his personal archive. Next to each painting, he includes an interpretation of each image that has been digitally manipulated with the aim of creating a vision of the current state of those landscapes that today are in a worse condition.