Rosalind is a dancer, artist and choreographer. She creates performances, installations and visual-art that explores intimate and ancestral connections between people and the environment. She is interested in the growth and movement patterns of other animals, and organisms. Touch and deep sensory awareness facilitate the embodiment of these biological forms, taking influence from somatic practices including Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement and dance outdoors, both on land and in water.

Rosalind holds a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art & Choreography from Dartington and Falmouth University and a Masters in Dance from Trinity Laban. She has created numerous site-specific works in rural contexts in Wales, Devon, India and Australia and is currently resituating her work in more urban contexts. Over the past 7 years she developed strong relationships in Berlin, where she has come to research, teach and perform.

To GlogauAIR she has brought Groundwork, a long term project through which she has been investigating our relationship to the earth, weight, safety and belonging. Influenced by experiences of dancing with trees, including burnt and logged native forests, she has choreographed a performance featuring 7 female dancers to be presented in BerlinArt week at Monopol. She has further lowered the ceiling of her studio to 1m, waist height, creating an environment that invites audiences to explore moving, resting and relating at ground level.