During the last three months of the residency, the artist has explored the use of various materials, such as oil, charcoal and graphite. The atmosphere and aesthetics of these works find resonances in the visual language of video games, as well as a surrealist approach. Elements such as underground holes, earth blocks and prop hills, combined with the narrative essence, immerse us in the experience of participating in an adventure. In this context, clues emerge that demand to be overcome to reveal the underlying truth (or lie).

"I decided to focus on this project because I had been reflecting for some time on all this illusory imaginary that I had created in my head. It all started to originate during the creation of my previous project called "La piedra de la locura" (The Stone of Madness), exhibited in Valencia (Spain) in 2023. The concept was clear to me, although perhaps I can explain it better now. I usually base my works on imaginary spaces that do not belong to any real place or time. In this case, it could be a meadow, a field or even a labyrinth. However, the most faithful answer to the origin of all these images is probably that a meadow of green grass and blue sky is the closest thing we have in our collective imagination to daydreaming: a cosy place for all those people who wish to put their minds in a quiet and peaceful place. From a simple and silent setting, we can begin to create all the scenes or images from which we want to extract something surprising and, why not? Mysterious. The work must awaken in the viewer the desire to know more about what is represented. For me, it is really important to maintain intrigue and bewilderment: what is behind that hill? where does that black hole lead to?...”

LucíaMir(at the end of template 2)