Installation of "The space between"

September 2020

Installation of "Into the woods"

September 2020

In the Studio

August-September 2020

Carrie Stubbs is an American painter and installation artist living in Switzerland. Her work is concerned with the idea of how light and color change our perception of space. Her work has been described as decorative and kitsch, definitions that she embraces. It also questions the sanctity of pure, reduced beauty.

She often uses packaging material (cardboard boxes, inexpensive wood that is often used to make transportation crates) to create her work as a comment on consumerism. From her knowledge of art history and admiration of different artists, she appropriates from minimalists, using the geometric design and mass-produced materials from her surroundings.

During her residency, Carrie will be exploring the connection between cast light, drawn line of light and planes of color. Both paintings and light pieces will examine the connections of how our perception of light and color is affected by a surface. The installation ‘The Space Between’ is formed by four circular, free-standing forms which are filled with a red fluorescent light. In this piece, Carrie contemplates the loss of a friend, a confidant, and co-creator whose input always had a place in her creative process. The work explores the yearning to fill the void such a loss leaves one with.