[Virtual] Showcase // Elinor Sahm

From the 10/09/2020

Root Work // Two Video screens, two videos, 19:16 min , 06:33 min

At this time at GlogauAIR, I’m working with archival materials of my family history. 

I’m diving into my Israeli family through VHS tapes of old birthday parties, concentrating on my great grandfather Avraham Abuganim playing the Oud, singing, telling stories about Hebron where he was born, and I feel like I’m exploding with love and nostalgia.

With my German family, it’s the opposite. The main drive of researching my german side is a sort of painful curiosity.

My German great grandfather was Heinrich Sahm, mayor of Berlin from 1931 to 1935. The stories I heard as a child were always about greatness and the fact that in our family there are NO NAZIS.

Then came Google and image banks. Now the stories are in trouble because the photos tell a whole different thing.

In the GlogauAIR showcase I’m showing simultaneously, one next to the other, opposing each other my family archival research findings.

2020 - Virtual Showcase Elinor Sahm - 002