Showcase // Mollie Burke

From the 07/03/2023

until the 14/03/2023

 Collection #5 (Imprints from before) (2023)

 Coloured light, fabrics, textile hardener


Mollie Burke is an artist from Vancouver, B.C., who works in installation, painting, printmaking and sculpture to explore themes of absence, fragmentation, and collapse. 


The work “Collection #5 (Imprints from before), is an experimental, site specific piece made for the display window at GlogauAIR. Since being in Berlin, the artist has been collecting fragments of detritus such as lighters, bottles caps, and wrappers while going on walks throughout the city. She takes these objects and molds fabric around them, creating ghost impressions or imprints.


The objects the artist collects are related to processes of consuming. She encounters them when they have been discarded and no longer considered useful. In this way, she considered these objects as signs in a cycle of desire and fulfilment that drive much of what consumerism is predicated upon. 


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