Showcase // Julia Hannafin

From the 24/02/2021

until the 02/03/2021

“Tell me about your best container?” (2021)

Julia Hannafin is a writer based in Los Angeles and this term’s online resident at GlogauAIR. Hannafin created a questionnaire that asked her other residents and GlogauAIR’s curators to describe their sensory experience of their studios and living spaces. By combining and editorializing responses from spaces in Germany, Spain, and Colombia, the writing here makes a sort of unstable chorus – a too-big picture, a landscape with gaps and inconsistencies. Shared among them: the desire to be somewhere else, to access something currently inaccessible.

At GlogauAIR’s Open Studios, Hannafin will present a printed lyric essay that continues to work with questionnaire answers and trouble the line between fiction and nonfiction. Scan the QR code to participate in Hannafin’s project and add to the chorus.



2021_Q1_Showcase_Julia Hannafin_01