Project Space // March 2018

From 23/03/2018 to 24/03/2018


Curated and works by Galleri Syster

Elin Maria Johansson // Hanna Kanto, Meri Nikula // Essi Korva, Sara Edström // Stefan Riebel // Anja Örn // Tomas Örn // Fanny Carinasdotter // Therese Engström // Anna Harju // Vappu Jalonen

What do we need? In order to feel that we are moving, not standing still: to avoid becoming bogged down in internal or external issues, but instead to progress from one question to the next? To develop – as a person and as an artist?
We need each other; we need to discuss, reflect, obstruct, construct. We need dialogues and polylogues. We need co-participation. As individual artists we cooperate long-term with invited artists, creating mutual mentorship, broadening our artistic practice, our organising, our thoughts.

We embrace the collective practice, we find strength in each other and have so much more fun together.