Meet the On-line Artist // elena pachner sarno

elena pachner sarno’s (@elepoppin) artistic pursuit is propelled by the magnetic force of happiness, viewing it as an intriguing way to shape the passage of time. Central to their creative arsenal are playfulness, togetherness, silliness, and contemplation — powerful tools that dismantle human-conceived constraints, notably those of gender, age, and sociocultural roles. elena’s works manifest in diverse forms but consistently involve the play of bodies (human, light, matter) and radical imagination.

Within the Residency, the artist is dedicated to continuing the work on “The Catalinas Project” (@catalinasproject), a series of five short films inspired by the life of Catalina/Antonio de Erauso. These films transcend time, veering away from verisimilitude and historical accuracy. Each possesses its unique creation process, diverse storytelling, and formal choices, presenting distinct visual and auditory landscapes. While united by overarching themes of (trans)gender, feminism, and anti-colonialism, each film stands as an independent entity.