Curated by Suzy Royal, leading GlogauAIR’s curatorial team




18:00h – 21:00h


Exhibition dates:

December 1 – December 9th, Open Tuesday – Saturday

15:00h – 19:00h


Industrial materials such as auto body paint, epoxy resin, silicone – recycled scraps of cloth, lace, yarn – candy wrappers, plastic lighters, broken glass – are not typically thought of as the makings of artworks. Yet artists have been intentionally working with unconventional materials since the 1960s. Sometimes chosen purely for their physical properties, for some artists they take on a symbolic, narrative or functional purpose.

The group exhibition ‘Materiality’ examines the work of five Berlin-based and international artists whose unusual materials play an important role in the creation of their work. Painting and sculpture are reimagined through materials such as silicone, epoxy, and found materials, as well as interventions created with thread and lace on canvas.

Florian Appelt’s seductive paintings seem almost edible with their luscious surfaces of epoxy and XPS foam and their bright, popping colors. Rein Vollenga also works in epoxy, creating futuristic sculptures which incorporate found objects into anthropomorphic shapes. Mollie Burke imbeds the found detritus of everyday life into silicone, making tapestry-like paintings and suspending them from the ceiling. Mirja Gastaldi’s work begins with more traditional materials such as paint on canvas, which thread, lace and recycled cloth turn into multi-layered paintings. Ivonne Thein’s practice encompasses a number of unusual materials from printed silicone and fabric to unusual techniques in video.