Exhibition by brustudio

as the Berlin Guest for March 2023



Opening days and times:

17th March – from 18:00h to 21:00h

18th March – from 15:00h to 21:00h

21st to 25th March – from 17:00h to 20:00h

21st March – 19:00h – Artist Talk

Free admission


brustudio is a Berlin-based studio founded by Ane Crisan, Covadonga Cueto Felgueroso and Sandra Palau. Their body of work focuses on spatial art and  architecture. They work with medium to large-size interactive installations and  structures, made mostly of wood and textiles, daring to shape existing realities  into playful, interactive, contextual installations or objects. brustudio aims to  discover new ways of understanding, perceiving and consuming the spaces  around us through sustainable materials. 

The project FRAGILE explores the possibilities of the spatial context and transforms it into a safe-participatory act. The studio researches immersive moments, through playful design and the inception of sensitive, sensorial  experiences. The focus is on identity, belonging, subjectivity – offering the  possibility of unfolding, gaining a pocket of personal reality: a temporary setup. 

Through the installation, the collective brings dynamism into an unmoving  room by letting the participants develop an individual womb-like space for  each one of them. They become the language between the motionless room  and the artwork. The social element is brought about by observing that one  still-space can be perceived in many different ways, depending on how and  who interacts with it.




The Project Space on the ground floor of GlogauAIR is dedicated to exhibition proposals and local initiatives. During Open Studios from January to March 2023, the Project Space has been transformed into the solo exhibition, ‘Fragile’ by GlogauAIR’s Berlin Guests, brustudio, an initiative which is generously supported by Memoria Artística Chema Alvargonzalez.