The aim of our project is to explore the possibilities of the spatial context and transform it into a safe-participatory act. We want to develop an immersive moment in an exposed room, through playful design and inception of sensitive/sensorial experiences. The focus of our project is on identity, belonging, subjectivity – offering the possibility of unfolding, gaining a pocket of personal reality: a temporary setup.

We bring dynamism in an unmoving room by letting the participants develop an individual womb-space for themselves. They become the language between the statuary room and the artpiece. The social element is brought by also observing that one still-space can be perceived in many different ways, depending on how and who interacts with it. We work with large/medium-size interactive installations/structures, made mostly of wood and textile. A demonstration of a similar purpose can be seen in our previous work – placed in the urban structure.

GlogauAIR Project
CV Summary