“It is immediately evident that Aldridge’s work is very much several things at once: It is musical and arithmetic,  spontaneous and reflected, emotional and intellectual, intimate yet richly layered. Using a gamut of brush marks to dissolve these dichotomies, Aldridge combines colors and choreographed movement into controlled compositions that at once signal spontaneity and instruction. In short: the work emerges as both a thinking through the viscosity of the material and materialized thought.” Jonatan Habib Engqvist Curator

Sinéad Aldridge draws upon paintings extensive historical pool and conspires to expand, subvert and create new visual interpretations, presenting the viewer with a rich experiential encounter. The performative nature of mark-making, where touch and the handmade link like a shadow, become inevitably tied to human presence. Using the institutional collection at the Bode Museum and the Gemäldegalerie Berlin, during her residency at GlougauAIR, Aldridge will focus on work which depicts mourning, death and the representation of women usually found in scenes from ‘The Passion’.

She is interested in the repetition of gesture and expression and the folds of the drapery found in painting and sculpture of the late Gothic period. Her research will promote an extended approach to her painting practice, testing elements for presentation and creating three dimensional forms which act as prompts to support the interpretation and understanding of her contemporary practice.