Charity Be

Mette Sanggaard and Charity Be duo here at GlogauAiR for the first time in July 2021. Having discovered many symbiotic elements in their practices and inspired by magnetic fields and the vibrational effects on and between bodies, they have created the piece Everything in Life is Vibration (Albert Einstein).

In consideration of how energies interact between lifeforms and metaphor for how humans connect, Everything in Life is Vibration – Albert Einstein is a performance experiment with the frequencies and fields of magnetic attraction. Our individual energetic frequencies are all unique and yet, also interdependent. When we try to sync these energies, what magnetic fields form? How do our moving bodies engage with existing magnetic fields, even at a cellular level?

Performances on 17th of September at 20:30h and again on 18th of September at 13:30h at GlogauAIR. Participatory workshops on-site to be held on 23rd September.


Fig. 1. A schematic drawing of the external magnetic field of Earth. The lines of force indicate the direction of pointing of a freely suspended magnetic needle. The lines also indicate the direction of free passage of charged particles (electrons and protons). 


Fig. 2. Magnetic Field geometry in which the meeting of moving energy bodies produces a heat which generates an electric current and thus, an additional magnetic field.