Kwanyoung Jung is an artist based in Germany. Jung completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Chugye University for fine Art, Seoul in South Korea in 2002, where he first began to recognize the world of his art. He moved to Germany in 2002, After coming to Germany in 2002, and later he graduated from Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle with a master’s degree in fine art in 2011.

Jung’s work is divided into two parts. The first is the space he imagines or the virtual space he has never seen. Jung always works on a virtual space that exists between a place he has never been to, a vague nostalgia for something that is not present in reality, or a place where he has not been. Most of these works have black thin lines on large paintings on canvas or drawings on paper. The lines are drawn without discriminating between the first and the last without any differences in color or thickness. The picture is composed of only one line, and spaces are created on the picture according to the intervals at which the lines are arranged. It is reminiscent of a virtual terrain created by computer 3D programming. The methodology of creation that Jung uses is keeping a rhythm as a meditation process.

Throughout his time with GlogauAIR, Jung has worked to expand his world and deepen his interests. Jung is interested in things that don’t exist. His work will be to raise an ontological question between the non-existent and the invisible. All his research will be shown through drawings on paper. And such small drawings will be gathered together to become the element of building a world. Through his works, the audience will experience that the world can be built from small units