Gloria Jurado, born in 1990 in Seville, Spain, is an architect based in Berlin from 2015. During this time, she has been immersed in architectural projects, where she has been able to appreciate up close the transformation of the city of Berlin. This approach made her start with the project “Berlin Umbau”, which interprets the constantly changing reality of the urban layout and the city’s identity through photography and installations.

The artist is using the technique of double exposure in analog photography, understanding the 35 mm film as a “time capsule“ where a final image is not planned, which allows that time to pass and record its path. With this technique, Jurado not only wants the observer to focus on the beauty of the shapes but also to raise awareness about the uncertain future of Berlin. Berlin Umbau gives back this interpretation to the city through an exhibition that usually has been in the same building site or architectural elements (scaffolding, passages, fences, etc.) helping to enforce the bond between citizens and their environment.

As Berlin Guest Resident Artist at GlogauAIR, Jurado has been experimenting with materials from the rubble of the places depicted in his photographs, returning them to public consciousness.