As a queer, Cuban American sociologist, multi-sensory artist, and healer, Dae's creative journey delves into the depths of self-discovery within the individual and collective realms. With a profound emphasis on generational healing and the connection with the body and mind, Dae's inspiration springs from Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, insights from neuroscience and their training in classical dance. At the core of their work lies an intention: inspire transformations within the audience's inner landscapes, thereby catalyzing shifts in their external world. 


In Dae's artistic practice, they approach each endeavor with a ritual. They believe in the transformative power of slowing down and honoring the present moment as the purest act of creation. In Essence of Self, Dae reclaims their native tongue to explore their own experience of self discovery, honoring both the “good” and “bad” they have inherited. Dae invites individuals to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and become agents of positive impactful change in their surroundings.

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