Raimundo Mackenna’s work is based on a sociological and emotional lens of observation of the coexistence between humans and animals. The information captured during this process is assimilated and expressed in a series of paintings, which are also supported by text. These paintings are specifically intended to question the dominant role of mankind in the animal kingdom. Indeed, his work is meant to bring to light the often dangerous and deleterious role that man plays within the environment and his inability to harmoniously coexist with the natural animal world around him.

During his residence in Berlin, he will continue to develop these works that denounce human mistreatment and the lack of empathy towards animals. The texts he conceives to accompany each painting have a role almost as important as the pictorial work itself. Embedding text inside the image, the combination infuses the scenes with irony and sarcasm that enable poignant messages like this to have an immediate and lasting impact on spectators.

You can check more on Instagram or in his website.