Lorenzo Ballerini with Giuseppe Ernandez & Massimo Reina, Web Box, Interactive Web-based Installation, 2024-ongoing

Web Box: Surveillance and Manipulation in the Digital Age
Trans-interactive installation for physical and web environments

Lorenzo Ballerini


with Giuseppe Ernandez & Massimo Reina

Ongoing Work for GlogauAIR Artist Residency

Abstract. In our society, computer systems such as the Web conceal an illusion of freedom and extensive surveillance that manipulate our behavior to support capitalist power dynamics. This installation challenges the digital control system by merging the physical and virtual realms through a glowing black box, a divine archetype of mystery and hidden knowledge. The monolith interacts with visitors through a webpage that can be accessed via a QR code, feeding off their actions and altering smartphone behavior to reveal digital surveillance and the uncontrollable processes of societal manipulation. Highlighting how everyday actions generate streams of data, the installation underlines the opaque nature of digital control, encouraging visitors to critically confront the pervasive surveillance and manipulation of contemporary society.