Inspired by the central theme of hydrofeminism, I aim to explore the mutual connection we share, challenging our perceived separation of nature from culture. I want to delve deeply into the interconnectedness between human and non-human bodies of water. Drawing from the fluidity of water and its symbolic significance in shaping our identities, I want to reimagine water’s profound impact on our embodied existence, creating a synergy between sound and photography, as well as water and light, akin to a photosynthesis of artistic expression.

My project draws heavily on the feminine connection to water, portraying women as goddesses, water deities whose rituals use water as a cleansing and renewing element. Despite her delicacy and sensitivity, she is also powerful. This vision recognizes water as a spiritual being, embodying a worldview that honors the sacredness of water. Our bodies and livelihood directly depend on this sacred element, yet we often neglect its importance, mirroring the pollution of our environment with the pollution of our bodies. This systematic and symbolic violence calls for a return to the womb, to the earth, to draw its primitive energy as the foundation of humanity.

Through my work, I aim to fill the historical imagination gap by generating a new feminist symbology, creating contemporary myths, vestiges, and staged rituals. The lessons we take from those water deities are clear: we must care for ourselves, the world around us, and learn the sacred flow of all life. By fostering a deeper connection with nature and the elements that sustain life, this project encourages participants to reflect on their relationship with the environment and each other, promoting awareness and action towards a more harmonious existence.