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Hello and welcome to my virtual studio. My name is Lloyd Tabing. I am an American born abstract artist now living and working in Jönköping Sweden. My paintings are widely collected and can be found in private and corporate collections and exhibited in esteemed galleries internationally.  

My residency program at GlogauAIR focuses on the preparation of an upcoming solo show that will be held in the United States in October 2023. Initially, I thought that I would create a single series of work for the show. However, after working with the curators at GlogauAIR (Laura and Justin) it became apparent that my recent paintings have a common thread that can be seen throughout. Therefore, instead of creating a specific series I decided to continue in my current practice for the upcoming show. In my recent works I have questioned space. Specifically, questioning why some spaces (both in the natural and built environments) catch my attention while other equally beautiful spaces go virtually unnoticed. For me, I find that it is often an element or combination of elements that include but are not limited to color, movement, light, sound, feelings, and memories. 

Please click on the photos below and you will then see the painting in a setting to help provide scale as well as several detail photos of the paintings.

I hope that as you view these paintings that they resonate with you and in some way touch you in a personal way.

My studio and Gallery

I am fortunate to have my studio and a gallery located in the historic Tändsticksområdet of Jönköping Sweden. My studio is in fact my little sanctuary. It is a place where I feel safe to express myself and can escape the stresses of everyday life. As a relatively reserved person I have found my voice in painting. I feel confident in what I am doing and unrestricted in doing it. 

My Gallery is open to the public and is a wonderful place to exhibit my paintings and engage with visitors. The gallery provides people a place to see the paintings in a setting with furniture and colored walls that will help in their decision-making process. I also use the gallery as a place to “live” with my paintings making sure they are finished and as a place for curating upcoming shows and assessing how the paintings look in a gallery setting.   

If you are ever in Jönköping Sweden and would like to visit my studio, please do. I enjoy showing and talking about my work and meeting people interested in art. If it is not possible to visit in person, I also offer virtual studio visits via zoom. You can schedule a time on my website if interested.

The gallery is in the historic Tändsticksområdet in Jönkjöping
Tändsticksgränd 5, 55315 jönköping
+46 (0)76 327.67.24
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Progress of a large painting that I am currently working on.

The paintings is roughly 200 cm W x 230 cm H, acrylic and oil on linen. I am excited to see how the finished piece.  If you are too you can follow me on Instagram and on my website.