Carlos Muñoz is a visual artist who works with painting, sculpture, photography, installation and digital media. At the core of his artistic practice is the notion of self-confrontation. Focusing on themes such as trauma, wounding, defense mechanisms and social interactions the artist sheds light on behaviors and reactions that distance us from connection and affection. His work encourages viewers to embark on their own introspective journeys, prompting reflection on the intricacies of human existence.

He uses mainly clay, plaster, silicone and resin to obtain a high level of density necessary to express a sense of weight and rigidity, in addition the artist avoids the use of color and instead generates a dark
atmosphere that evokes confusion but also contemplation.

Through abstraction and a sense of density he creates a place where the viewer can spend time inside the work and have different perspectives of the same piece, not only in sculpture but also in painting. The idea of exploring the darkness is crucial for the artist because that is where the figures are born.

During his participation in GlogauAIR's online residency program, Muñoz continues his explorations by making them even more precise. Drawing from his personal experiences, he embarks on a journey to understand the origins of trauma and its profound impact on one's identity.

Muñoz's work seeks to shed some light in the darkness in order to have a glimpse of what is inside the unknown and try to dimension the magnitudes of these mechanisms that may exist. Starting from a specific point, he begins to realize that they do not exist as isolated elements but as a much broader and more complex whole.

Generating a dark atmosphere that invites us to enter in our own obscurities evoking confusion but also contemplation the artist explores how these mechanisms are part of everyday interactions that often go unnoticed, yet partly define behaviors and the way we treat ourselves and others.