Annelise Forster is an Australian artist, currently based in Adelaide, working from and helping run the Floating Goose Studios. Having danced from a young age, Forster is continually inspired by movement and music creating large and energetic paintings.

Forster’s artwork is extremely process-driven and intuitive. In her practice she puts great importance on the use of colors and forms, aiming to create diverse marks, signature to the feelings she experiences. Currently Forster’s artworks are highly abstracted to portray emotions as she is focused on the action of creating rather than formulating a designed outcome.

Throughout her time with GlogauAIR, Forster has been exploring the emotional and cognitive functions of music by visually representing her reactions to various songs. The selection of music has been chosen by both the artist and other people. The main criteria in the selection process was for each song to evoke a strong emotional response. Forster is working on a large scale, using her body to create marks on the surface to form a direct link between her emotional reaction from the music to a visual format. She is experimenting with presentation and documentation of works combining film work with the physical paintings