The plots of all our lives are interesting, but how we inhabit them is more interesting.

We don’t realize how tightly bound to time we are in our lives. 

When manufacturing the album, I wanted to get away from the normal sense of the passage of time, by dissolving and cutting from one location to another, or one person to another, or the same person in a similar or different location.

I kept in mind William Burrough’s cut-ups concept for a non narrative structure, in order to break the logical coherence inherent in the printed format – two-dimensionality, ink printed on paper, linear reading from left to right or turning the pages. 

I tempted to generate on the viewer the impression of semi-chaos, by the cut-ups and « déjà vu », where two things colliding can present a third piece of information that none of us was aware of. 

I was delighted when I saw those coincidences make sense, this order coming out of chaos.

For instance, few days after shooting in front of the mythical Berlin Club SO36, I discovered an SO36 graffiti in my residency’s garden. It had been right under my eyes all the time, but I only saw it at this moment. This echo reverberated even once more, when I came across a book about the story of SO36 displayed in a bookstore window just nearby.

The truth is of course that there is no journey. 

We are arriving and departing all at the same time.