Attendance List

This is the attendance list for the Open Studios // September 2020 taking place at GlogauAIR. This list will be retained for 4 weeks for Security Measures related to the COVID pandemic, protected from access by third parties and then destroyed. The list will be handed over to the competent authority on request, in case infection is suspected.
  • Please check day and time of your visit
  • Please check day and time of your visit

Plan your visit

GlogauAIR against COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic in Germany, GlogauAIR will once again open its door for art lovers in Berlin, with application of strict rules on hygiene and distancing. This September, our team are pleased to present a brand new Open Studios program, accomplished in collaboration with 8 international artists and 1 Berlin guest resident. So as to deliver the optimal experience of contemporary art to as many people as possible, we offer both on-site and on-line options for visiting our event – here you can find practical tips for planning your Open Studios visit.



Studios: 13

Residence: building 580 sqm, estate 770 sqm

Ground floor - Project Space: 150 sqm, 3 rooms, bathrooms, kitchen

1st floor: 170 sqm, 5 studios, bathroom, kitchen

2nd floor: 170 sqm, 5 studios, bathroom, kitchen

3rd floor: 120 sqm, 3 studios, bathroom, kitchen

Garden: 300 sqm


GlogauAIR Measures

Indoor events: max 84 people.

Outdoor events: max 80 people.

Number of people allowed in every Room or Studio: max 6 people.

General rules of conduct and hygiene



Starting from 15.08.2020 all residents of Berlin must follow general rules of conduct and hygiene. If possible and reasonable to do so,

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 meters is to be maintained from all persons who do not belong to your own household. Exceptions are made for spouses and life partners as well as persons for whom you have custody or access rights. Deviating from the minimum distance is permissible if a general hygiene policy of the relevant Senate Department allows it as an exception and other measures are in place to protect against infection.
  • In addition, the Berlin Senate strongly recommends that the mouth and nose be covered in some way. This covering can include simple surgical masks, homemade/home-sewn fabric masks (community masks), or scarves and shawls that cover the wearer’s mouth and nose. This recommendation applies in public places and especially when you are coming into contact with persons who are at particular risk.

You are required to wear a mask or otherwise cover your mouth and nose in the following locations:

  • When visiting cultural institutions (museums, cinemas, live-performance theatres)

Anyone who does not comply with the obligation to cover their mouth and nose risks a fine.


Number of people allowed

Indoor Events

Indoor events: max 500 people.

Starting on September 1st: maximum 750 people will be allowed.

As of October 1: up to 1000 people may be held.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events: max 500 people.

As of October 1st: up to 1000 people are permitted.


For public events:

Create an attendance list (with names / addresses / telephone numbers of all participants / if applicable, the respective time of visit and duration).

The list must be retained for 4 weeks, protected from access by third parties and then destroyed / deleted.

The list must be handed over to the competent authority on request, in case infection is suspected.

For private event:

The duty above applies if the number of participants exceeds 20.

Draw up a safety and hygiene plan, which must be submitted to the competent authority on request (fine if not done: 250 to 5000 Euros).


Required to wear a mask / other covering over their mouth and nose.