Mikito Sato Gallery

Collective and Gallery


Mikiko Sato Gallery was founded in 2008 with the goal of fostering the careers of exciting upcoming artists from Japan via solo and group exhibitions and publications (both in-house or in collaboration with other international exhibition spaces). The gallery aims to be a link between cultures and to provide an environment for the exchange and development of new ideas. In the last ten years, gallery director Mikiko Sato has gained a reputation for showing genuine works of art that consistently combine a high degree of craftsmanship and pursuit of well-conceived artistic concepts with often poetical qualities as well as frequent references to nature. The underlying question of what art can be always leads to new ways of looking at art for the gallery staff and the visitors. The strong focus on Japanese art shows Mikiko Sato’s dedication to the cause. The gallery has always been more than just a way to make ends meet – it is a way of life with art, a means for constant discovery and an ever-changing learning experience for everyone involved.