Luisa Catucci Gallery


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Opened in 2017 by Italian curator Luisa Catucci in the hype area of Berlin-Schillerkiez, right on the side of the notorious Tempelhofer-Feld, Luisa Catucci Gallery becomes within a short time the area’s flagship for contemporary art.

The gallery focuses mostly on the primary market and the promotion of art internationally, and it presents a program with a 6 weeks rotation of curated exhibitions showing the multiple expressions of the contemporary art world, inspired mainly by perceptive, psychological, social, and existential matters.

Luisa Catucci Gallery devotes itself to the exploration of the essence of our time by presenting artists from different generations and cultural backgrounds who, with surprising and stimulating styles, are focused on grasping and expressing the complexity of the multifaceted existence.

Moreover, at Luisa Catucci Gallery we work in strict contact with the artists we represent, in order to properly promote and support them in their growing careers while ensuring international collaborations with galleries, museums, biennials, and institutions.

We truly believe in the power of inspiring art and culture. Humanity’s emancipation and evolution are reached by feeding the soul and brain with stimulating nourishment, and art is an outstanding power food.