Josephine de Fijter // Curatorial Assistant


GlogauAIR's curatorial assistant and the founder and director of the Uncoated Platform for contemporary Photography

Curatorial Assistant

Founder/Director  Uncoated Platform 

About Josephine

Photography reflects on circumstances, which bring together disparate images or ideas so as to form new meanings and new configurations. This is the ground for uncoated; by making art photography accessible for everyone to experience. By curating thematic exhibitions Josephine de Fijter wants to bring a narrative forward that strengthens the discovery of contemporary photography.

About Uncoated

Uncoated consists of a studio and a platform. Uncoated studio consults art related businesses on how to connect with art enthusiasts. By designing art experiences both in online and physical (exhibition) spaces.

Uncoated Platform is a publishing house to showcase contemporary photography. By featuring artists on a daily basis the platform aims to bring the story of the artists forward. To make the barrier lower to start learning and experiencing art photography.