Catalogue Cover

If you are interested in make a proposal:

  • Select ONE image of your work or projects with these dimensions:
  • A5 (210 x 148 mm)
  • Digital image (.jpg, .png)
  • Resolution: 300ppi

Present your cover proposal before MAY 7th at 12:00h (CET Time)

  • GlogauAIR team will select one of your works to be COVER MARCH 2024
  • Properly accredited in the catalogue
  • Support and image to social media, web and press release
  • We will create an agreement for image use rights


  1. The ARTIST certifies that is the full owner of all intellectual property rights in respect of this WORK created through this PROGRAM. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if once this contract has been signed it is shown that there is any doubt about the ownership and/or authorization for the exercise of the exhibition right or any other that is exercised in accordance with this contract, GlogauAIR may at its sole discretion either terminate this contract immediately without prior notice to ARTIST or remove the specific WORK whose ownership of rights is doubtful or disputed, without this constituting an infringement of the ARTIST’S moral right.
  1. GlogauAIR undertakes to recognize the ARTIST as the author referred to the following contract at all times and to respect each and every one of its moral rights. Specifically, and without limiting the foregoing, GlogauAIR expressly states that it undertakes to acknowledge the authorship of the ARTIST's WORK in the promotions and public communications.
  1. Similarly, the ARTIST assigns exclusively to GlogauAIR the right to reproduce, adapt, transform, exhibit, distribute, and advertising presentation and communication for the images of this WORK related to the PROGRAM, in any of the existing and known operating modalities to date, worldwide and for the entire duration of the intellectual property rights established by the Law in force at any time, for the purposes of forming part of the GlogauAIR´s document archive, with the intention to disseminate GlogauAIR´s activities, and for any form of non-commercial communication and uses that decides to make at all times regarding its services.
  1. The ARTIST must inform GlogauAIR of the circumstances, authorizations, and limits that determine the management of the rights of the WORK, specifying whether is a member of any collective copyright management entity or, as the case may be, the type of license to which it has assigned, so that GlogauAIR may act accordingly. The consideration for the aforementioned assignment is understood to be included in this agreement. As a result, GlogauAIR shall not have to pay any amount, neither to the ARTIST nor to any rights management entity, for the stated act of reproduction. GlogauAIR covers the costs for the edition and publication of the catalogue as well as the communication network necessary for the digital diffusion of the WORK.
  1. All information relating to the fulfillment of the object of the acceptance of the bases will be confidential. This obligation will remain in force even after the end of the contracted collaboration, it is for this reason that the parties agree to take the necessary measures to prevent access by third parties to all information and documentation used for the development of the object of this contract.
  1. The agreement will take place under German law, the court of jurisdiction is Berlin.

By submitting a proposal, the ARTIST accepts the Clauses of the internal Open Call.